September 23, 2011

He Made Me Curious

it is 10.12am.and i woke up about 6.ooam.

seriously my dream was unexpectedly !
1Boy !

idk why i am dreaming about him.
not my Bf but another Bf which close with me too.

Malam td sy on9 smpai tgh malam
eh! ni bukan cerita betul.bkn mimpi.

pastu he im.
dia ckp 'Nak tanye ni'

then i replied 'Ok tanye lah'

then he replied and take a long time 'Aku kannnnnn.........'

And I was excited to know what happen. 

I replied 'Yea apa die. bagitahu lah ....'

He takes such a Longggg........time.

and just Quiet ! and 

Last ly OFFLINE !

-i was devastated

and he was misterious and made me curious.
Made me want to call him todayy and asking what u want to tell towards me.

and then i finished my game with my crazy pals! 
and do not forget to drink water and washing my feet.
and just go to sleep.

My sleep was tight.
But he comes to my dream.
And u guess what !
He sends present and card to me !
But he passes to my friend to give me in the class .

And my face was blushing over and all my class friends look ,clap at me.
Hooray and so on.

i m just smile and read that card.
and the contain ..............
i dont remember .
seriously i dont remember at all.


I wake up! 
and i was suprisingly. why he comin to my dreams and not my other Bf.

ok its ok.
But a dream made me continuous remember him.
ohh i forgot ha ! he has a Gf right now.
so i will make sure not trap to do the Segitiga Love. what ha its call in Bi?

ok lah. This is my Secret ! and now it is Your SECRET !
secret means do not tell other person!

haha i scared if kalau2 he read my blog. ohh Malu sgt2 !
harap2 dia tk lyn blog. Amin......
Mari Amin ramai2.