September 26, 2011


hoi !

seriously Physics annoying me
why ha? im totally hate Physics even im trying to do the best.
studying until i got eyebag.
now? whta my result such a worst.
everybody in class does not care who got low bcoz almost all my mate had same range !
so now, i can said 'Not me only got problem with this sucks subjects'
and for tha prove Eyman and I mgutuk2 org yg mniru smasa exam.
ha, amik. #gelakevil.

im so sorry
so sorry

to all my sisto and bosta.
tak kenal maka tk cinta
or maybe korg mmg terer Fizik
cuba lah

im just cant get through with this subs
and i think i must get another teacher and of course i have to study hard!

ok,sebelum make sense and mghobiskan masa korg bace.
kbye. love u. <3