November 13, 2012

Now its my turn!

i have many friends but they are not with me.
i have family but they got another important business to settle up
i have mah boyfriend who always busy and ends up with 'merajuk/marah' thingy

i'm just being in silent. keeping altogether neatly inside my deeper heart.
i wont share to others cause they are not used to be!

me? you?

have you ever felt like calling anyone and say nothin but let them hear you cry?
i feel dat way evry fuckg time i cry bcos all i need is a shoulder to cry on. 
not really someone to share my problems with.

have you ever felt like you're a loser when you take a very deep breath,you
slowly breathe out with tears falling from your eyes?
happens to me a lot of time when i'm at my weakest point and down on my knees.

have you ever felt so depressed that you fell like cutting your wrist but you're just not that stupid to do so?

i think it'll be so relieving but i won't do that because i know it will change nothing but give me another pain.

Have you ever cried while writing a post/blog? Because I am